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Content Management System: Ensuring SEO

Texts, images, sounds, videos, animations, applications etc. that constitute websites are all components of web content. The writing, publishing, editing, revision and management of such information centrally on the World Wide Web are called Content Management.

Content Management System takes various forms of

  • Web Content Management System (specifically for website layout)
  • Component Content Management System (where fragments of content from various sources are amassed in a single document without copying and pasting)
  • Enterprise Content Management System (which exclusively cater to commercial enterprises)

Informal blogs, e-commerce websites (e.g. news and shopping) and even the highly looked-up search engines, need an information architect or content manager to organize web-info in a visually and functionally appealing format. Unique and quality content with adequate links facilitates easy mobility and understanding of ideas, optimizing a user's experience. Websites, today, are categorized and identified according to the type of content they feed their users.

"Content is King" comes from the very concept that websites feature and get ranked according to the freshness, clarity and aptness of the information presented by them, particularly in textual format as search engines mostly refer to texts to decide the worthiness of a website. Some techniques of content management systems like Geo-targeting of web-content help consumers look up information for a particular geographical location, either by choice or automatically, thereby helping them narrow down their search without wasting time.

For those bubbling with ideas for content but with inadequate programming skills, web content management software like Wordpress, Joomla etc. translate typed words into publishable format in the virtual space without the need for any kind of hand-coding.

When comparing the pros and cons of CMS, clearly the pros emerge victorious against the cons. The disadvantages like technical snags (incompatible "dynamic URL-static pages"), obsolescence issues of hardware and software and their subsequent maintenance costs, the cost of expertise and training for higher purposes do not stand in the way of the myriad advantages offered by CMS like free software, ease of use and customization and most importantly SEO.


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